We deliver spectacular and unique experiences. Our relationship with world class artists from a range of styles, genres and disciplines allows us to consistently organise the best possible solution for promoters and event professionals.


Run by passionate enthusiasts with over 10 years experience in the music and events industries, Dynamic provides an efficient and seamless process, from consultation, through to logistics and delivery, ensuring that our artists are represented to the very best of our ability, while those who choose to work with us can always expect an awe-inspiring performance. 


We have an excellent network of global contacts. Through years of experience, we have an expert understanding of what will work in any given scenario. We provide a seamless, organised and transparent process from initial inquiry. We aim to provide unique, personalised and memorable experiences. We thrive on creating unique experiences for our clients, working with them to create one-off performances with personal significance, allowing us to create special memories for those who chose to work with us.